Experiential Research

We have been conducting research in the fast-expanding experiential sector for many years, working both for experiential agencies and their end clients directly.

Experiential campaigns vary wildly in their execution, from in store promotions to themed events and all points in between. A number of our clients have asked us to measure the impact of their experiential work and we have developed a reservoir of best practice and knowledge.

In a nutshell, it’s all about test and control, calibration and measurement. The results from your ‘guinea pigs’ (the test audience – those who took part in the experience) might look fantastic at first glance, but unless you are able to ring fence a matched population of non-participants and interview them, the real context of the results is missing.

Over the last couple of years we’ve:

·         attended and helped to research a wide range of events for an energy supplier. At these, our test and control approach has enabled us to help pinpoint both individual events that have worked better AND types of event that generate more buzz. Additional to sales and word of mouth, these shows are also a great way for the client to connect with the public, and the robustness of the test and control technique has enabled us to accurately measure how perceptions have changed as a result of exposure to the event

·         conducted work for one of the UK’s leading butter brands, understanding how their in-store campaign is changing hearts and minds

·         undertaken projects for leading soft drinks and condiment manufacturers designed to see if their experiential work had been effective

·         done some interviewing in a cinema (it’s ok, we were in the foyer, so no etiquette broken) to understand how a venue overhaul was enhancing the experience

Experiential research does not cost the earth and could save you a fortune.