Food & Drink

This is where we do about 80% of our work; our bread and butter, if you like.

Over the years, we have helped many food and drink/ packaged goods companies to optimise their existing products, develop new ideas and generally understand more about the space in which they operate.

On the whole, we tend to work with small to medium-sized companies for whom, in the absence of dedicated in-house researchers, we work as a de facto research department. Despite this, we pride ourselves on being cost-effective; if a client had the wherewithal to pay £900 a day for a researcher, wouldn't they hire rather than sub-contract? We’re about accountability, not accounting.

From brief to delivery, our approach means we often work closely with category managers, brand specialists and sales teams to complete the study. And to this we add our expertise. Aside from coming up with the questions and analysing the answers, we have the experience to know what makes a good (and bad) result. It’s more than just significant differences; it’s using normative data, benchmarks and our know-how.

We encourage you to read more on the site about the techniques we deploy and some of the projects we have conducted. You should notice a few things in there that you have in your food cupboard!