Spreads Research

The Background

duo penotti.png

We were contacted by Penotti, a leading European manufacturer of sweet spread products.  Penotti wished to undertake some initial research in UK to obtain early feedback on some different spread products they were considering launching in the UK.  This was to be a preliminary, small-scale exercise, with the view to more comprehensive research among products that seem to have particular appeal.  

The Method

We were asked to test five different products.  Four of these were different Penotti spreads, with the fifth being a leading competitor.  Due to the nature and number of products, the research took the form of an in-home placement test undertaken over a period of two weeks, as people were encouraged to try each product over a number of days, on different occasions, and in different ways.


Howdo possesses a network of product triallists.  For this particular work, we prioritised those triallists with children in the household. 

We placed sets of products and self-completion questionnaires with triallists and their households.  We obtained a response rate of 90%.


The results are, of course, confidential but they identified one product in particular that appears to have potential for Penotti.  We also used TURF analysis to indicate the extent to which it would or would not cannibalise existing product lines.