Qualitative Research

Depth interviews and focus groups are a significant part of our portfolio. Whilst these are ‘standard’, tried and tested techniques, we find that they provide a level of detail that can either be used on its own or as part of a larger programme of research.

Our 3 keys to success for qualitative research are:

Recruitment: don’t skimp on the recruitment criteria. Whilst we acknowledge a need to be realistic, if you need to talk with a niche audience then don’t make do with anything but that audience. Howdo is experienced at finding ‘hard-to-reach’ respondents.

Involvement: the best focus groups tend to be ones where clients are actively involved. This doesn’t just mean turning up at the group and sitting behind the one-way-mirror (though that’s a start). Rather, the best qualitative research projects are the ones where, as soon as possible post-session, the agency and client teams sit down and go back over the material. Leave poring over transcripts and video for another time: this ‘fresh’ input always delivers.  

Realism: the best qualitative research is directional in its insight, helping its users navigate the right path and steering them away from costly cul-de-sacs. But it is critical to be realistic: you can never measure with qualitative, but you can understand.


New Media

Howdo has also embraced qualitative research with a new media slant.  We’ve conducted

  •                Web site usability sessions
  •                Online forums
  •                Social media monitoring

We’d love to tell you more about these methods