Howdo Research can help you

However hard you try, however skilled your team, however well you believe you understand the market, there is only one person who knows if you have added enough chocolate.....

Market research can provide the bridge between you and your consumers.  Howdo provides a rare combination of big agency experience and consultancy enthusiasm. Unnecessary marketing speak sticks in our craw: we simply want to work with you on finding the answers you need and if this means that synergies are harnessed and strategies are forged then that's lovely. We get the biggest kick from seeing the results come to life: during a recent product test for a client, we fed back usage issues that consumers were having that were spoiling their enjoyment of the product. Fast forward 3 months, the product is launched, we pick up a pack and can see that the recommendations we delivered have been put in place.

We focus on three markets: food and drink, experiential and legal. This is a heady mix that we supplement with occasional forays into the public and business-to-business sectors.

In this site, we provide a summary of the techniques we use and some examples of work we have conducted in the past 2-3 years.  Some of the material included here may teach the more experienced researcher to suck eggs but we want to provide information for those with less experience as well.

And please do provide us with feedback...