Under its brand names BEAR Yoyos, BEAR Nibbles and Urban Fruit, BEAR produces the tastiest and healthiest snacks in the market.

The challenge


To help grow the BEAR brand by:

·         providing detailed category insight data; thereby understanding the BEAR position and that of its key competitors

·         identifying areas of opportunity, both for marketing and sales

·         assessing the reaction of consumers to a range of potential new SKUs and concepts

What we did

A two-stage approach:

·         initially some qualitative exploration among Mums and fruit snackers

·         followed by a detailed online study. In effect, a hybrid U&A / concept test, the study was referred to as an ‘Extrrrravanganza’ by BEAR (who, bless them, love a pun as much as we do)

The outcome

As ever, results are confidential. But as we’ve seen new SKUs enter the market and the brand grow, we allow ourselves a knowing smile.